Sansu Math® Teacher's Guide 2A
Sansu Math® Teacher's Guide 2A Sansu Math® Teacher's Guide 2A Sansu Math® Teacher's Guide 2A Sansu Math® Teacher's Guide 2A

Sansu Math® Teacher's Guide 2A

Grade 2

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Each unit of the Teacher's Guide begins with a unit overview that provides a discussion of core mathematical ideas, explanation of the learning trajectory for the unit and for the topic (across units), identification of key points, and ways to support students having difficulties with the unit.

The Teacher's Guides include full-color images of each page of the student textbook with overlaid answers, mirrored by a teacher’s page with lesson notes. These provide specific pedagogical suggestions, including hatsumon (key questions or problems to pose to students), anticipated responses, strategies to support student thinking, and assessment perspectives. 

Lesson plans are complemented by carefully-crafted instructional boards which guide students through the units. The Teacher's Guides place an emphasis on recognizing the student's experience, incorporating varied perspectives from student characters and encouraging young learners to make discoveries on their own.

Teacher's Guides are spiral bound books designed to lay flat, and include examples of blackboard organization that can be projected using classroom technology. 

Sansu Math® Teacher's Guide 2A is written for use with Sansu Math® Grade 2 student textbook for units 1-10. 

  • Table of Contents

    1. Tables and Graphs
    2. Time and Elapsed Time
    3. Addition Algorithm
      1. Addition (1)
      2. Addition (2)
      3. Properties of Addition
    4. Subtraction Algorithm
      1. Subtraction (1)
      2. Subtraction (2)
      3. Properties of Subtraction
    5. Units of Length
      1. How to Express and Measure Length
      2. Units of Length
      3. Calculation of Length
    6. 3-Digit Numbers
      1. How to Express Numbers and Their Structure
      2. Calculation with Tens and Hundreds
      3. Comparing Numbers
    7. Units of Money
    8. Better Ways to Calculate
      1. Calculation of Three Numbers
      2. Addition and Subtraction
    9. Addition and Subtraction Algorithms
      1. Addition Algorithm
      2. Subtraction Algorithm
      3. Algorithms for Calculations with Large Numbers
    10. Triangles and Quadrilaterals
      1. Triangles and Quadrilaterals
      2. Rectangles and Squares

    Additional Problems for Units 1-10

Download Sample Chapter:

Unit 8: Better Ways to Calculate

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