What is Sansu Math®?

Sansu Math® is a rigorous Japanese primary mathematics series for grades 1-5. It's based on the most widely used math curriculum in Japan, and has been adapted to serve North American teachers and students while maintaining the integrity of the original program.

Sansu Math®:

  • Emphasizes depth over breadth
  • Instills conceptual understanding
  • Introduces new content in the context of story problems
  • Promotes Teaching Through Problem Solving (TTPS): students solve problems creatively, explain the thinking process, understand multiple solution strategies, and identify key mathematical ideas
  • Supports teachers
  • Helps students develop good habits and practices through note taking and communication
  • Provides continuity as concepts develop across grade levels
What is Japan math?
Japan math, or Japanese mathematics, refers to mathematics programs and practices that were developed in Japan. These programs place emphasis on lesson delivery that engages students and encourages learning through problem solving. Lessons center around key questions that the teacher poses for students, called hatsumon, which start student-led discussion. The educator's role is extremely important, helping students clarify their own thinking and that of their peers, as students use what they learned previously to discover new math concepts. Within a highly-structured learning environment, students have freedom to discuss and explore mathematics.
Where can I find the Scope and Sequence for Sansu Math®?
Download Sansu Math® Scope and Sequence. The table of contents for each title can be found on its product page. 
Who is the publisher of Sansu Math®?

Sansu Math® is published by Koyo Publishing Inc®, an independent publishing company. 

What grade levels does Sansu Math® cover?

Sansu Math® covers grades 1-5.

What are the components of Sansu Math®?

There is one textbook and one teacher's guide for each level. Each teacher's guide consists of two books. The teacher's guides are spiral-bound wraparound guides. 

Will there be additional workbooks and assessment books?

We will release workbooks and assessment books in the near future.

Is this series written for schools or homeschoolers?

Sansu Math® was designed for the classroom but is equally well suited for the homeschool environment. The series is also a good resource for:

  • Teacher and lesson study groups
  • Professional development providers
  • Researchers and curriculum developers
  • Teacher educator and pre-service teachers
  • After-school and enrichment providers
What is Lesson Study?
Lesson study is a form of research in which teachers collaboratively plan, observe, and discuss lessons in order to determine how students learn best and to achieve specific goals. This practice of professional development originated in Japan.