Sansu Math® is a five-year series of full color textbooks and Teacher's Guides that encourages students to actively discover mathematics.

A carefully planned sequence of topics and lessons gives students the tools to build on content they've already mastered to understand new concepts. Students of Japanese math programs are guided to use previously learned material when exploring new content, and independent thinking is encouraged so students make strong connections between addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and decimals, and so on. 

The role of the educator in this program is extremely important. Even though students are encouraged to solve problems on their own, there are some concepts that must be introduced by the educator in order to help a student fully understand each lesson. Throughout the Teacher's Guide, educators will find detailed descriptions on how to present lessons, react to common challenges, and illustrate abstract concepts with concrete or semi-concrete objects. 

Scope and Sequence:

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Printable Manipulatives: