Sansu Math® is an adaptation of the Tokyo Shoseki series New Mathematics, Japan’s most widely used elementary mathematics series. Sansu Math® maintains the depth and coherence of the original Japanese curriculum and the Japanese Ministry of Education’s Course of Study, while providing supplementary topics, such as money and measurement, for educators in the United States.

Sansu Math® focuses on a selective number of topics, teaching each in depth through carefully sequenced lessons that build on each other. The relatively slow pacing allows students to truly master content and develop important mathematical practices. These textbooks and teacher’s guides encourage students to learn through problem solving. Students using this Japan math program engage in mathematical discussions, strengthen conceptual understanding of content, and develop reasoning skills.

New Mathematics was written by a team of Japanese elementary and university mathematics educators based on research gathered from Japanese Lesson Study. The textbook series and teacher’s guides represent collective knowledge developed by thousands of Japanese educators through decades of collaborative work in developing and refining effective mathematics pedagogy. In recent years, a growing number of teachers around the world have used Lesson Study, and Japanese textbooks and teaching approaches with enthusiasm and positive results (Lewis & Perry, 2014; Yoshida, 2005).